Technologies That Will Transform The Tech World In 2019

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Tech World In 2019
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The evolving technologies have brought us to an era of digitalization, where more than half of the world leverages online services like eCommerce and Clouds to fulfill their basic requirements. Smartphones are playing a critical role in our daily lives as we have become highly dependant on them.  

Millions of mobile and web apps are available to make our work easier. The augmenting world wants more advanced technologies to lift up their lifestyle. If we look at the last year stats of technology development, we will see a rapid growth in the number of AR/VR Development Companies.

Now, we will see what technologies are going to disrupt the tech world in the next 2 years. There are several predictions about the upcoming technologies but, we have picked the top three out of them. It can be truly transformative for the marketplace and consumer tech reality.


We live in an interconnected world where the prevalence of data breaches is growing at a constant speed. Hence, data security becomes a superior requirement of today.

Here comes the Blockchain technology as a rescue. The technology allows digital information to be distributed but not copied. Moreover, Blockchain provides the most robust, incorruptible yet encrypted data that is easy to verify.

Many eCommerce websites are undergirded by blockchain because it restricts the information collection. It shares the information with only those entities that you grant it to share.

Dueling AI

We all are familiar with the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) because it is somehow connected to our lives. Nowadays, more and more companies are using AI for the betterment of their business processes. AI-powered services are getting popular and helping business to grow.

By 2019, the AI will start dueling because the competition is high and to stand out among such competitors, businesses need to make their AIs smarter.  AIs through dueling m may lead various industries like medicine, technology or transportation in the upcoming time.

3D Metal Printing

This is the third technology that is expected to have strong impacts on 2019 businesses. The 3D metal printing is a great example of how incremental innovation is revolutionizing. Current printing will be replaced with the 3D metal printing because it is fast and cost-effective.  

It offers accuracy and can be used in several different environments easily. The toy and jewelry businesses can avail the maximum benefits out of the 3D metal printers. The industry giant HP is planning to release the Jet Fusion model by 2019 which is expected to make a big difference in the metal parts manufacturing segment.


The world is already at the growing stage in terms of technical development and in the upcoming years, we can expect a nice boom in the tech world. If you wish to know the Significant Ways to Measure True Success of Your Brand, click on this link.

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