4 Undeniable Features a Food Delivery App Must Comprise

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Features a Food Delivery App Must Comprise
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4 Undeniable Features a Food Delivery App Must Comprise


Today’s era is driven by mobile apps as the number of mobile users are now in billions. Mobile apps are also one of the major ways of income for a plethora of firms. Be it gaming, e-commerce, fitness, or books, companies are making a good sum of money by making use of the power of the internet and mobile. 


There was, however, something was lacking in the world of smartphone years ago which is now fulfilled. It was food delivery apps using that not only help satisfy your tastebuds but also can save a lot of time otherwise invested in cooking and gathering. These apps are iteratively being developed today and boosted some small scale start-ups to the highly renowned companies. 


With full-service platform apps and order focused platform apps, logistics focused platforms apps are getting highly popular nowadays. Logistic focused platform apps mostly comprise the food delivery services apps which enable the user to select and choose from a number of restaurants and order the desired meals or food online directly to his home. However, the app work as a collaborator between the restaurants that provide the food, logistic services that deliver the food to the customer’s doorstep, and the payment gateway services which take care of the online transaction of payment. 


These on-demand food delivery apps are not only attracting food aficionados but a large number of restaurant owners are eagerly striving to be a part of these apps. And why not? That way they are spreading their approach to more and more users. Free advertising, listing, and extra revenue is something every business owner loves. 


There are currently a lot of food delivery apps are available in the app stores but not each one is as popular as some of the most sought after apps such as GrubHub, Pizza Hut, Caviar, and UberEats. After some contemplation, we have done an extensive review of all these popular apps along with measuring the deficiencies in the flop apps. On the basis of our review, we have come up with the following essential features that make up a successful food delivery app: 


1. Food Menus and the Search Feature

Your app must comprise of the list, rating, open hours, prices, locations, and menus of almost all the restaurant apps that are able to be a part of you. The navigation should be extremely easy and a search feature must be there to make the user’s search of restaurants effective and easy.


2. Payments

Without the in-app payment feature, your app will most likely be failed. Cash on Delivery can also be added for the users who are unable to pay online. However, a good number of smartphone users encourage to pay upfront. You can integrate Stripe, Braintree, or PayPal as your payment system. It would be great if online payment is possible through all forms of electronic transactions such as Debit/ Credit cards as well as internet banking. 


3. Estimated Delivery Time

Expectations of online shoppers are high and they usually become very impatient after making an online order. They want prompt services. And when is comes to juicy food, it feels nearly impossible to wait. Thus, the need for incorporating a feature that acknowledges the user about the ‘Estimated Delivery Time’ is very high.


4. Location Tracking and Review Feature

By adding a location tracking feature, it will become extremely easy to estimate the food delivery time to the user’s doorstep. Also, it will save a great deal of time for users too. On the other hand, allow your users to submit reviews and ratings. Adding the review and rating features pay off later on while improving the organic ranking of restaurants. It also helps the first time users to make sure of before ordering anything.



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