Designer Special: 5 Free Stock Photos Resources You Didn’t Know Yet

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5 Free Stock Photos Resources You Didn’t Know Yet
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Designer Special: 5 Free Stock Photos Resources You Didn’t Know Yet

Well, it isn’t essential for an army to win a war if the personnel’ equipment is fastened with the state-of-the-art technology, however, it really helps and elevates the odds by a good proportion. In the battleground of a web or graphic designer, Photoshop, Adobe AI, After Effects, CSS, JQuery, and HTML are his equipment. To get the max of those tools, they basically require three things: knowledge, creativity, and most importantly a good set of stock photos.


A few years back, the top source for images for most website designing companies was used to be Google or Bing images. Back then, not many used to take copyright issues very seriously. But the scenario, with the newly emerged image recognition software and enhanced awareness in creators, has been completely changed. Picking up a random image from Google and utilizing the same in your own project can now shoot back in the long run.


On a plus note, good stock photos are not readily available anymore. Even if one tries to download a low-resolution image from a popular stock platform such as Shutterstock, it will be covered with a great many numbers of the annoying watermarks which will further take forever to remove, costing you time and money both. On the other hand, why most designers are scared of great & popular stock image platforms are their sky-high costs.


Last I checked, their moderate plan of 50 Images costs an individual a handsome 100 bucks which is equivalent to a month of groceries for 1 person with a slightly frugal mindset. So, in that scenario, what a graphic or web designer should do? What I would suggest is - compromise. Yes, there’s no denial to the fact that to get the best-quality stuff, one requires to empty their pocket in a similar manner. But, if you are well aware of the art of compromising without making it really look like one, nothing can stop you from here onwards.


1. Negative Space

If you haven’t heard about it yet, exploring Negative Space can turn out to be a treasure quest to you. It has an abundance of stock images of a variety of niches and all are available at your disposal for absolutely free. Moreover, you don’t even have to provide any kind of attribution to the website. From sports to business and food to space, all kinds of images can be delivered to your email if you sign up for a newsletter. Otherwise, you can always visit the website and download the images yourself.


2. Pexels

Pexels let you search for desired images by writing your query in the search bar, checking out the tags and provided pages. According to speculations, there are almost half a million photos for you to download. Moreover, designers can even create new graphics, stories, apps, and even website by employing the tools Pexels have available for you.


3. FoodiesFeed

Wondering how big restaurants and food joints always finds a way to run mouth-watering advertisements with highly-appealing images? FoodiesFeed is their secret. Besides being a prominent source of diverse, high-quality food-related photos, FoodiesFeed allows you to download their images for absolutely free and utilize them without attributing the author.


4. Reshot

Reshot is different than other image portals because who empowers it, is an individual community of photographers whom goal to enrich the world of graphic & web designers by providing free, great-quality images for free on a daily basis. The content Reshot provides is unique in its own terms. Hence, is worth visiting.


5. FreeStocks

Whether its of animals, cities, fashion, food, architecture, nature, drinks, people or technology, FreeStocks allows everyone on the internet to download and use stock images for free both for private and commercial projects. A designer’s heaven isn’t it? Once you type your query in the search bar and hit enter, a good number of similar images appear below your actual search results which comes pretty handy.


Although one of my friends who provides freelance website design services suggested a few more names to the list such as Gratisography, ISO Republic, Picography, and Fancycrave. Once I review them myself, I will most probably come up with a new list, the second edition of this blog on what I think of those free stock image resources. Till then, let me know if you found the aforementioned one useful and whether should I remove or add some to the list.

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