This smart Facebook chatbot of Vogue helps a user discover preferred & personalized content published on the Vogue magazine. In addition, readers can scroll from the given options and read an issue immediately.

The Work

Owners and editors of one of India’s most celebrated magazine The Vogue India were looking forward to providing their readers a new way of accessing their issues through Facebook. A chatbot that could facilitate online reading and increase the viewer’s engagement at the same time.

The Process

The core functionality of a somewhat AI-Powered Chatbot primarily revolves around five aspects. 1.) Understand customer query intent 2.) Determining the action to be taken 3.) Customer’s name 4.) His/her choice of service 5.) Date and time the customer wants to avail a specific service. Our chatbot design and development teams sat together and drew a plan that descriptively explained how each five of aforementioned qualities will be carried forward. Since, The Vogue is a fashion magazine, recharging the graphical part of the chatbot was the real challenge. Our designers worked day and night to achieve the desired level of perfection.

1. Welcome Users

To instantly bind user’s attention and to get them acquainted to the bot, an engaging message is displayed.


2. Filters

Helps user check out the preferred issues of the magazine by selecting from the displayed options and filters.


3. Keyword Based Query

The natural language processing technique of the bot, takes into consideration the user’s queries and offer pertinent answers.


4. Both Structured & AI Mechanism

For the users who are not yet familiar with how AI-powered chatbot works, the feature of structured navigation was added.

The Results

Depicting the exclusivity of a fashion magazine, establishing a new way to connect to new readers, and enabling subscribers to read an issue’s content on the Facebook, all three of the required features were successfully instilled in the bot.