A unique concept that diminishes the intervention of loud noises when the user is dwelling deep in the sleep. The Smart Watch app detect a person’s heartbeats and lowers the volume of the ringtone as the sleep gets more intense.

The Work

Since the smart healthcare devices are getting increasingly popular, owners of the Smart Watch app manifested their concept of building an app that could assist people in their sleep contrary to the common ones that measure heart beats and blood pressure during the period of an intense workout.

The Process

The development of a smart healthcare app sometimes doesn’t comply with the common programming rules and approaches. Compatibility of the app with a wearable device remains the primary point of concern. Designing, development, testing, and deployment, almost every single department has to establish a strong, recurring conversation channel to collectively create such a flawless app. The app meant to be developed by taking into consideration the needs of end users. To that end, the significance of an enthralling UI was on the pinnacle. Hence, every screen of Smart Watch was separately designed before the development team instilled the core functionality.

1. Engaging UI

Added effects and user-friendly navigation are the key attractions of the Smart Watch app.


2. Heartbeat Tracking

Smart Watch tracks the heartbeat of the person and set the chime level accordingly.


3. Adjusting Ringtone Volume

The volume is on the lowest when the person needs the least possible disturbance and vice versa.


4. 24X7 Active

Ability to either set activation schedule or just let the app up & running for 24X7.

The Results

During the first meeting, the core features and functionalities that were underlined by the client were stunning UI and ability to detect user’s heartbeats. Both the goals were successfully met and were appraised by the client.