The concept of Ship Me Fancy is centralized on offering an apparel eStore to fashion enthusiasts that is but a blend of traditional and contemporary web design principles. Lashed with minimalism, the design of Ship Me Fancy instantly captures user’s heed

The Work

With every passing year, both urban and rural consumers are increasingly embracing online shopping. Hence, the owners of Ship Me were planning on bringing their clothing business online as soon as possible. They wanted their eStore to be as unique as their collections and designs.

The Process

Blending today’s web designing concepts in a way that it doesn’t mess with the originality of the fashion collection was a significant challenge. Thanks to the recent advancements in the world of HTML, CSS, and BootStrap, our designing team was able to achieve the kind of touch our client initially hinted about. Later, the PHP department took things in their hand working on several crucial modules including cart management, taking care of the large databases (contacts, interactions, purchase history) of customers through MySql, and testing and end-to-end encryption to confirm flawlessness.

1. Multi-Vendor Capabilities

The eCommerce store can effectively manage products and transactions of multiple vendors.


2. UI & Navigation

The UI & the navigation of Ship Me are thoughtfully designed to provide an ultimate user experience.


3. Offers, Subscriptions, and More

Ship Me, being a small-sized eStore envelops the beauties of some of the world’s biggest online portals such as automated offers, emails, & much more.


4. Easy Payments. Auto Updation

On Ship Me, the customers meet extremely easy payment methods. Moreover, new arrivals are updated on the site automatically.

The Results

Owners of the eStores were pretty contented with the design and functionality of Ship Me. In a short span of just six months, the eCommerce Store caught the track of an exponential growth and rewarded with a full return of investment.