The Dubai AR app takes the next step in the advancement of Augmented Reality in the real life. The app shows a 3D digital image of any particular building in Dubai when the phone camera gets hovered on the building’s image.

The Work

With a very unique idea in the mind, the owners of Dubai AR/VR app approached us. We sat, and they explained how they wanted to take a printed, 2-dimensional pictures to life with the help of a mobile application. Dubai AR app is a beautiful depiction of it.

The Process

The development of an Augmented Reality application significantly differs from creating a usual one. 3D design and 2D image recognition was a big part of our development. The engineers had to keenly program a mechanism that could exactly figure out the 2D image upon hovering over the camera and later, to connect the captured image with the program data so the digital 3D image could occur. Self-learning and mutual-tutoring were two big parts of the overall development process as not much research is yet available in the augmented reality domain.

1. Stunning Design

Dubai AR/VR excels in both i.e. user-friendly design and extremely convenient navigation.


2. Detailed Instruction

Even though the app’s functionality is pretty easy to understand, detailed instructions are provided.


3. Augments an Image to 3D

Colorful digital augmentation of printed images upon hovering the phone camera.


4. Utters Building Info

The software automatically recognizes the famous buildings of Dubai and utters their information.

The Results

The final product came out being an inspiration for a number of businesses active in augmented reality. It was not only according to the client’s requirements, but it was also sought out as the next big thing for the travel industry by experts.