Event App

Population’s interest in being parts of certain events is spectacular and action-inspiring at the same time for entrepreneurs. However, one of the biggest predicament halting the revenues of a plenty of event manager is the failure to aware significant amount of people in the given time. Studies suggest that mobile applications are more effective and affordable than printing advertisement in several cases. Hence, SITSL offers an all-in-one event application that facilitates multiple organizations and attendees at the same time.

An effective event app works like a single source of data that can feed multiple lines of communication..

Key Features of Our Event App

Event organizer’s login and registration

Registration of general users

Enables users to post the entry for certain events

Allows users to connect to other attendees

Event details management for organizers

Social networking feature

User reward program for enhanced engagement

Personalized notifications to each attendee

Reminders and review features

Schedule and bookmarking features for users


Create and log in to their accounts

Manage their bio and contact info

Bookmark a specific event

Comment and share events with their friends

Invite friends to join from other social media channels

Give valuable reviews

Admin Panel Features

Create a new account and delete an existing one

Add or remove event details

Check the user lists

Reward users based on their engagements

Reply to user’s comments or reviews

Finalize the list of attendees

Put trackable event location