In the 21st century, where everything is slowly getting driven by the technology, sustaining a mid or small-scale enterprise without an efficient and robust ERP is not recommended by the leading industry experts. The ERP should be flexible enough to be integrated with all the processes of the firm and must be easy to understand even for the lowest qualified employee of the business. Hence, Shubhashish IT Services Ltd makes sure to develop a technologically-advanced ERP for you with a high level of flexibility, efficiency, and security.

Expand your business reach by automating your services and integrating our ERP solutions.

Key Features of Our ERP

Ability to be operated from mobile devices

Powerful manufacturing control features

Effective inventory management capabilities

Auto-generation of detailed reports

Financial management features

Human resource management features

Project assignment and management assistance

Embedded Customer Relationship Management module

Varying delivery methods

Convenience to integrate with a multitude of processes


Employees can edit their account information

Create new accounts according to their authority level

Perform specific operations

Mark a task as completed or incomplete

Check the completion process of certain tasks

Receive messages from other employees

Admin Panel Features

Create accounts for new employees

Assign certain tasks to employees

Keep a track on overall tasks’ status

Delete, create, or edit new tasks

Remove and manage accounts

Generate and analyze statistics