Smartphones have changed the way people used to deal with their banking and financial needs. The power to remain on a move while taking care of tons of online transaction is no longer uncommon. However, with gigantic transactions, there’s generated a crucial need for extremely tough security measures all while keeping the navigation of the banking app easy for users to understand. Shubhashish It Services Ltd has valuable experience in developing highly-secured banking apps for leading banks and our stunning UI have been appreciated multiple times.

Allow your customers to monitor all their financial activities in real time with a secure banking app.

Key Features of Our Banking App

Simplified Access to the bank account

Convenient account management capabilities

Suggestions and tools for money management

Top-grade, multi-layer encrypted security

Payments of bills and more

Money transaction from one account to another

Push notifications

Current credit score and tips for improvement

Fraud and money withdrawal alerts

Nearby ATM locators


Register and login via given credentials

Save payee account details for faster transactions

Payments of bills and tickets

Auto-renewal of certain recharges

Check account summary and statements

Link the bank account with a govt id

Locate All ATMs In a given location

Receive a diverse range of notifications

Admin Panel Features

Update ATM information

Keep a track of fraudulent activities

Receive and answer customer’s emails

Access to account summaries of all customers

Unlock an account after receiving the request

Check current credit score of a customer